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Jun 26,  · The case studies that showed how to apply the adjustments to gain and compression ratios. Clinical Compression: Case Studies Audiology Online is an approved provider of approved educational activities for AHIP Members. One hour of coursework 5/5(87). Case Study 3 The patient is a year old man who presented with a sudden profound sensorineural hearing loss in his right ear, his only hearing ear. Learn More. Spectrum Audiology is an ENT physician-owned, consulting and buying group exclusive to the ENT community, specializing in quality diagnostic audiology and hearing aid services with a proven track record of success with ENT practices across the U.S.

George Cook - Case Study I: Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

This grand rounds presentation will cover cases in which verification of device settings and patient provider communication directly impacted patient outcomes. It will discuss means for verifying settings in hearing assistive technology and means for improving patient-provider communication. Jessica J.

Her current line of research focuses on clinical practices in the cochlear implant clinic and improving the outcomes of children with cochlear implants through these practices.

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All SAC members are encouraged to participate in on-going education. Learning Outcomes checkmark After this course learners will be able to describe approaches for verifying hearing aid and cochlear implant settings. Excellent reminders of how a well fit device can improve the patient's audiology case studies of ife!

I really liked the format of the course. It was helpful to have 5 different actual examples of children with varying complications to learn from. The course was too lengthy. The information could have been presented in 60 minutes. The case which demonstrated the importance of objective measures in conjunction with subjective measures when working with the pediatric population.

I really liked the real-life examples of real children as a means of making their points about hearing aid fittings and monitoring. As a audiology case studies SLP and Audiologist, I would really like to know what tests they recommended to track three months of auditory and language development in three months' time? This course was one of the best I've listened too - both presenters were very knowledgeable, case studies were relevant to every day pediatric audiology practice, excellent solutions and think outside the box encouraged.

This lecture was a motivating way to learn about under and over fitting of listening devices through the context of case studies. Excellent examples to reinforce the material, audiology case studies.

I could relate to several of the cases discussed as they reminded me of children I saw in Saudi Arabia who had not had the proper hearing aid fitting and follow-up.

One little girl was a twin and had failed her infant hearing screening. Because they could not get proper results on her at another facility they assumed she had a profound hearing loss and fit her accordingly. The first time I saw her she literally threw herself on the floor of the booth and tossed her hearing aids. Subjective assessments were not reliable so I did a tone burst ABR with the Vivosonic while she was awake watching a video sound off and she had a moderate loss.

She was subsequently fit with new hearing aids based on the ABR results and referred to the hospital's behavioural psychologist as well as our department's speech-language pathologist. Once she had been fit with the proper hearing aids and realized they were no longer too loud, she settled down, showed gains in her speech and language development and was a audiology case studies to see. Parents were thrilled with the changes in her behaviour and her improved communication.

With my staff, I enforced the need for regular assessments when changing earmolds, refitting repaired hearing aids, etc. Case studies were excellent! I am planning on incorporating a visual schedule in my testing.

Thanks for the idea! Presenters gave interesting information and I especially liked the segment on video scheduling as I had not seen this before.

The case studies were real world examples and apply to any or all audiology clinics. Very clear explanations and the brief reviews were great! Great audiology case studies studies and great recapping the major learning points at the end of each case study, audiology case studies.

Loved the case histories and that all information was useful in a clinic situation, audiology case studies. Interesting perspective on audiology case studies a second set of eyes can identify possible problems with patients who have been seen for many years with limited success. Interesting case studies that made this presentation relevant to those working with pediatrics.

Layout of material included in the presentation, well articulated, very informative! Loved audiology case studies of the case studies. They were each unique but also very similar to what I see each day. It was clinically relevant to what I do, clearly presented, audiology case studies, and offered many excellent "take-aways".

I have recommended this course to all of my colleagues. The material discussed was what I was wanting and expecting from the title. The presenters were well organized and knowledgeable of subject matter. Both audiologist are experienced in their field and appear to excited about their work. I enjoyed the case studies and the audiologists' step-by-step, practical approach to finding solutions to the clients' problem. Interesting review of cases, including discussion of referral to appropriate professions and being open, eventually to creative methods to handle patient anxiety.

Having other ideas for increasing compliance is always a plus. The information was concise, case studies were relevant and interesting. I really enjoyed the case studies and learning what some of the solutions were to help these patients. Good ideas for all patients. I thought the presenters clearly made it easy to understand on such a difficult topic. The interaction between the two presenters was very concise and related well to each of their respective special interests. I love case studies because the information can be easily applied to my practice.

The information was easy to understand and presented well. The presenters were very methodical and detailed in describing the process they went through with each child. This course was extremely relevant to my job as an educational audiologist. Creative presentation which was interesting but I'm still a bit confused.

Very pertinent to my work. Validated that I would have been thinking and acting along the same lines as the presenters. I am always interested in pediatric topics so this presentation was very interesting for me personally. It shared experiences which are likely in any clinic setting, such that anyone could relate to what was being talked about. Presented By Jessica Messersmith. Lindsey E. Handouts Handouts are available for this course. Presenter Disclosure: Jessica Messersmith: Financial: Jessica Messersmith received an honorarium for presenting this course.

Non-financial: Jessica Messersmith conducts research on clinical practices in the cochlear audiology case studies clinic and improving the outcomes of persons with cochlear implants through these practices. She has received an honorarium for presenting this course.

Non-financial: Lindsey Jorgensen has no non-financial relationships to disclose, audiology case studies. Content Disclosure: This learning event does not focus exclusively audiology case studies any specific product or service. Review Technical Requirements Login and logout times will be recorded and audiology case studies. British Academy of Audiology This course has been accredited with 1.


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Spectrum Audiology is an ENT physician-owned, consulting and buying group exclusive to the ENT community, specializing in quality diagnostic audiology and hearing aid services with a proven track record of success with ENT practices across the U.S. To help address this need, check out two retrospective case-study reviews presented by Chyrisse Heine and Michelle Slone and then join the discussion in the Audiology Community. Reference. Heine C, Slone M. () Case studies of adults with central auditory processing disorder: Shifting the spotlight! SAGE Open Medical Case Reports (7) Skip To Content. Dashboard. Login.