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Jan 22,  · Pearson Literature Common Core Grade 9 [Gallagher Brozo Fettrow] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Normal wear and tear /5(9). McDougal Littell. AUDIO LIBRARY. This CD collection is available for checkout: AC M Grade 9 Audio CD Contents. Holt Literature Textbook - 9th grade - Unit 11 - The Odyssey (unit Epic11Poetry the odyssey unit Share What You Know) Quick Upload. Explore ; Features Holt Literature Textbook - 9th grade - Unit 11 - The Odyssey. Like this book? You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! View in Fullscreen Report. Read the Text.

If attending high school is a journey, then the ultimate destination is graduation. As you consider this journey, what do you think is more important—reaching your goal and clutching that diploma in your hand, or taking time to appreciate the many moments both good and bad that will lead up to graduation day?

Which seems more important to the story, the destination the character strives to reach or the journey itself? Find It Online! Go to thinkcentral. Literature textbook grade 9 7 Analyze the representation of a subject or keyExamining the Homeric Epics scene in two different artistic mediums. RL 9 Analyze how an author draws on and transforms source material in a specific work. Composed in Greece around — b.

Both stories were first told orally, perhaps the island of Ithaca. To break the ten-year stalemate, even sung, literature textbook grade 9, and it may not have been until several Odysseus thought of a scheme to make the Trojans generations later that these traditional stories were set think that the Greeks had finally given up, literature textbook grade 9. He ordered down in writing. The poems are traditionally credited a giant wooden horse to be built and left at the gates of to a blind poet named Homer.

Although there have Troy. Three important elements of the Greek soldiers and that Troy was doomed, literature textbook grade 9. The earliest literary accounts of it, found in the Iliad and the Odyssey, are elaborated in later classical literature. Menelaus recruited kings and soldiers from all over Greece to help him avenge his honor and recover his wife.

The Greeks held Troy under siege for ten years. The Iliad takes place during the tenth year of this war. For example, Athena, theTroy and with events that take place on Ithaca just goddess of war and practical wisdom, supported thebefore and after his return. The first excerpts that you Greek cause in the Trojan War and championedwill read depict some of the wanderings of Odysseus Odysseus, while Aphrodite BfQrE-dFPtCthe goddess ofafter his departure from Troy with a fleet of 12 ships love, sided with Paris and his fellow Trojans.

The storycarrying about men. Instead, he encounters various instances of divine interference. Odysseus has Athenamonsters who try to devour him and enchanting on his side, but he has displeased the gods who were onwomen who try to keep him from his wife, Penelope. In another later on. As a result, he is forced to suffer manyaddition to great strength and courage, what sets hardships before he manages to return home. It wasbelieved that their gods not only took an active interest not necessary for them to believe that creatures suchin human affairs but also behaved in recognizably as one-eyed giants literature textbook grade 9 exist, but only that they might.

Eros Aphrodite Apollo Athena MusesGod of love Goddess of God of music, Goddess of war, Daughters of Zeus three also known love and poetry, and wisdom, and shown hereoften viewed as as Cupid prophecy cleverness sources of divine inspiration mother of ErosDetail of a frieze representing a procession of mythological divinities. Oil on plaster, literature textbook grade 9. Moreover, by helping to shape classical Odyssey, scholars have long debated whether Homer Greek culture, the epics contributed to the really existed.

There are many theories about who development of many later Western ideas and values. Homer may have been and when and where he may have lived. According to ancient accounts, he lived A Living Tradition Artists of all kinds continue to sometime between and b. Inthe Irish writer island of Chios in the eastern Aegean Sea, and he was James Joyce published his groundbreaking novel blind.

In later centuries, the Iliad and the Odyssey were another man. They were also the first works read by Greek schoolchildren. Author Online By b. Poets A scene from the movie Troy; a bust of Homer unit the odyssey. The map Laestrygones identifies real places mentioned in the poem, such as Troy, Sparta, literature textbook grade 9, S and Ithaca. Following is a list of important characters. Olympus from their original spelling to a more familiar, Latinized spelling.

The Odyssey in Art Landscapes When you look at a Homeric landscape, ask questions like the ones that follow. Since then, realistic? How so? Which do you painting, sculpture, and other media. What part artists have interpreted this epic in a range of styles and forms. As you look at the art illustrating each episode, of the scene is emphasized in the painting?

What is ask yourself what the artists were trying to show about emphasized in the collage? Which is toward characters and events may have been. Consider the techniques that created these differences. Mosaic, cm x cm. Oil painting. Consider how these choices have contributed to the meaning and beauty of each piece.

Term Questionscompositionmaterial What shape or space is emphasized? Does the piece have large, bold shapes or smaller, more complex ones? Are they geometric or organic free- form? In painting, are the brush strokes distinct or smooth looking?

In sculpture or ceramics, is the surface polished or rough? Does the piece show large things or small ones? Are the images realistic, stylized, or abstract?

Consider how thebeing depicted. What do you think of it? How does each background affect the Why might an artist choose such an abstract style? About — b, literature textbook grade 9. Pastel and Heroes by Sirdrawing. Cox, Innes Fripp. Hermes, messenger of Zeus, urges the nymph Calypso to release Odysseus. Brutal battles and dangerous voyages, literature textbook grade 9. Workshop Spectacular triumphs and crushing defeats.

In ancient Greece, listeners crowded around poet-storytellers to hear aboutRL 4 Determine the figurative the daring exploits of a hero literature textbook grade 9 Odysseus. It captivates us because it is athe cumulative impact of specific compelling narrative and a window into a time and place different from our own.

It recounts the adventures of ansuch effects as mystery, tension, epic hero, literature textbook grade 9, a larger-than-life figure who undertakes great journeys and performsor surprise. RL 6 Analyze a deeds requiring remarkable strength and cunning. As you journey throughparticular point of view or cultural many episodes from the Odyssey, literature textbook grade 9, expect to encounter the following elements.

RL 10 Read andcomprehend stories and poems. One soldiers inside, mimicking the voices of their wives. As you read, notice trait has been boxed. Identify two more. What archetype does Helen represent? Explain and His Lady your answer.

Reread lines literature textbook grade 9 and foresight and wit in many first rate men, 23— Explain how the but never have I seen one like Odysseus gods interfered in the for steadiness and a stout heart. Here, for instance, episode that Menelaus is 5 is what he did—had the cold nerve to do— describing. Three times you walked around it, patting it everywhere, and called by name literature textbook grade 9 flower of our fighters, making your voice sound like their wives, calling.

Odysseus fought us down, despite our craving,20 and all the Achaeans kept their lips shut tight, all but Anticlus. So he saved us all, till Pallas Athena led you away at last. The Odyssey has been translated many times, and each translator has interpreted it differently. Read these two versions of the opening of Book 2. The first is written in verse and has a more formal tone and diction— closer to the original—while the second is written in prose and is less formal.

Rouse The Greeks who first experienced the Odyssey did not read a written version;they heard it as a live performance. Singing or reciting, a poet kept the audienceenthralled with epic similes, epithets, and allusions. Homer often develops a simile at great length, so that it goes on for several lines. This is known as an epic simile.

In this passage from Book 20, an angry Odysseus is compared to a sausage being roasted over a fire. His rage held hard in leash, submitted to his mind, while he himself rocked, rolling from side to side, as a cook turns a sausage, big with blood and fat, at literature textbook grade 9 scorching blaze, without a pause, to broil it quick: so he rolled left and right.

To help his audience picture what he described, a poet might have made an allusion to something they already knew. Text Analysis Workshop model 1: epic simile Close Read In this excerpt, Odysseus is watching the performance of a bard a poet 1. What two things are like Homer himself. Suddenly he finds himself listening to the story of being compared in this the fall of Troy and of his own part in it.

Notice the epic simile that is epic simile?



literature textbook grade 9


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