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15 Thesis Statement Examples. Below are 15 debatable, supportable, and focused thesis statements for you to learn from. Feel free to customize them for use in your own argumentative essay. As you read the following examples, be careful not to use these thesis statements word-for-word. Revising the Persuasive Essay: Thesis Supported by Evidence. Resource ID: E1WrM6L1. Grade Range: 9. Sections. Introduction. What's Your Point? Be Specific. Oh, Yeah? Prove It! Introduction. What's Your Point? Be Specific. Oh, Yeah? Prove It! Print; Share. Mar 19,  · Persuasive Essay vs Argumentative Essay. Preparing your research for an essay is a process you should be familiar with by now. It all starts with the brainstorming and background information, then diving into books, interviews, and academic Jacob Quigley.

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There are many conspiracy theories circling around the net: aliens in Area 51 or that the Queen is a lizard. That is because the people making those videos use special techniques to play with evidence and convince you that their ridiculous ideas are valid.

In a nutshell, that is the goal of persuasive writing. This article will be your guide on how to write a persuasive essay. We will discuss topics, creating an outline and tips on persuading a reader. Be sure to stick around for persuasive essay examples near the end, which you can download and use for reference.

Persuasive writing is taught early on in schools. Persuasive writing also challenges students to take a stance and use evidence to prove a chosen point of view. So what is a persuasive essay?

The persuasive essay definition is an academic piece of writing aimed to persuade the reader to agree with a specific point of view. When writing a persuasive essay, you must conduct solid research and analysis to understand their subject to the fullest extent.

Upon finishing reading a persuasive essay, persuasive essay thesis, the reader must be convinced that there is no other correct point of view. Preparing your research for an essay is a process you should be familiar with by now. It all starts with the brainstorming and background information, then persuasive essay thesis into books, interviews, and academic journals. A good way to think about it is to compare the persuasive essay with the argumentative essay.

In an argumentative essay, your purpose is to use data persuasive essay thesis reasoning to prove an argument as valid. Argumentative essays are mostly based on logic and solid reasoning, persuasive essay thesis. You might also be interested in discovering what is an argumentative essay and how to write persuasive essay thesis. The writer must use research information to make the audience believe them.

The reason why conspiracy theories are not to be trusted, is because their aim is to persuade, persuasive essay thesis. That is evident in how the creators use persuasive essay thesis pulling it out of context and distorting it until it fits the argument.

The format of a persuasive essay relies on the way arguments are structured in the outline. For example, a typical body paragraph is the presentation and solidification of one argument.

The section opens up with an introductory sentence which leads to the argument. After the argument is presented, use sources to prove that your argument is valid. Next, transition into the next argument, and so forth. When thinking of persuasive essay ideas, persuasive essay thesis, it is best to choose a topic persuasive essay thesis many contrasting opinions.

Broad issues such as gun control and abortion rights can spawn novel length essays. Say you want to argue in favor of space exploration. It perfectly fits the description of a widely explored contemporary subject. Creating a structure where every body paragraph explores a different planet might be a bit too much, persuasive essay thesis. Why not narrow it down and argue in favor of building a base on the moon? This way, you can convince the audience of the benefits of creating a moon base, persuasive essay thesis, and giving them a small idea of what can be achieved from space exploration on a larger scale.

Hence, you have persuaded your reader on a small topic connected to a much broader one. This will leave them inspired with plenty of thoughts to feast on, allowing them to dive further into the world of space.

These essays are all about the point of view. It persuasive essay thesis essential to find good topics which you know something about, or topics which you can argue in favor of, or against.

The greatest persuasive essays ever written deal with real-life experiences and point the reader towards important social problems most people have ignored. Persuasive essay thesis Martin Persuasive essay thesis King Jr. Perhaps the concept of space exploration is long and tedious and makes your stomach turn. Perhaps you have already debated on some of these with your friends:. Persuasive essay topics for college get a bit more complicated. The best essay topics are ones that take into account the events of contemporary life, discussing moral, ethical, technological, and environmental issues.

Students have the opportunity to make a serious impact with their writing, fearlessly breathing new life into the old world. For college, it is best to choose controversial persuasive essay topics.

They challenge the writer to engage in relevant intellectual issues, persuasive essay thesis. Here are some examples:. A thesis statement is the full, concise summary of the main point of the essay, persuasive essay thesis.

For early college essays, persuasive essay thesis, a thesis is usually one sentence long. For longer essays like the Senior Thesis or Dissertation, the thesis statement can be up to a paragraph long. The primary concern when writing a persuasive essay thesis should be the writer's position on the selected topic. Here are some examples to shed more light on how to write a thesis statement for a persuasive essay:. Homeless people are becoming a nuisance in Chicago, and someone should take care of them.

There are many pros of buying food from local markets. Life on Mars is possible if we make it so. The government of Chicago must take the homeless problem more seriously, providing them access to services such as food donations, public restrooms, and camping facilities. Buying food from local markets is hugely beneficial in improving the economy of small towns and villages, and the country as a whole.

Mars colonization might be the only hope left for humanity, as pollution levels on Earth will soon make the planet uninhabitable. As you may have noticed, lousy thesis statements offer a generalized and neutral view. Good thesis statements take a stable position in the argument. In schools and colleges, persuasive essay thesis, persuasive writing is taught using the five-paragraph essay structure. You will be required to follow the persuasive essay format and cite it according to one of the common citation styles, such as APA or MLA.

After getting well-versed in your topic, it is essential to create an outline. The outline will assist you in organizing your argument.

Every body paragraph presents an argument and backs it up persuasive essay thesis sources. These arguments and references used will all be placed in your outline which you can always refer to when writing your essay.

Don't have time to finish reading persuasive essay thesis of this? Have our writers draft your outline for you. Get an Outline The outline looks like follows:. There are plenty of ways how to start a persuasive essay. You can start with a humorous statement to break the ice and suggest a less formal writing approach. Alternatively, you may begin with a robust controversial statement. Put the reader straight into the action! Any opener or headline serves as a tool to paint a broad picture of the work, leading to the main point.

The same goes for a persuasive essay introduction. It is best to write the introduction in the end. Knowing the content that follows will help you lead into it. The persuasive essay body paragraphs are where the viewpoint is backed by hard facts and evidence. Good persuasive writers know the topic inside out. They can anticipate any opposing views and provide counter-arguments. It is precious to know how to persuasive essay thesis a persuasive essay efficiently.

The persuasive essay conclusion does not delve far from the introduction. However, certain elements are exclusive for conclusions.

Restating the thesis and summarizing main points is the obvious first thing to do. To make a conclusion effective, one must write a meaningful personal comment. This could be a call for action to leave the reader with something to ponder about, persuasive essay thesis.

This can be a prediction based on the persuasive essay thesis presented in the essay. It could be a quote that you believe perfectly summarizes the piece and its main points. Whatever the case, your mission here is to get creative and persuasive essay thesis an impact. The essay structure of a persuasive essay is not much different from other essays. However the key lies not in the information you use, persuasive essay thesis, but how you use it.

Connect Facts. Just merely stating factual information from your research will not be enough to persuade your reader. In addition to backing your facts with sources, make sure to connect them, to clearly establish why these facts are essential in proving your point. Use Quotes. Persuasive writing is rich in quote use. That is because historical figures have elevated importance, some have even transcended into popular culture. Otherwise, they could be implemented to persuasive essay thesis an already strong persuasive argument.

Use statistics either towards the beginning or the middle of persuasive essay thesis body paragraph.


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Mar 19,  · Persuasive Essay vs Argumentative Essay. Preparing your research for an essay is a process you should be familiar with by now. It all starts with the brainstorming and background information, then diving into books, interviews, and academic Jacob Quigley. This persuasive type of thesis can be used in any essay that contains the writer’s opinion, including, as I mentioned above, compare/contrast essays, narrative essays, and so on. 2 Styles of Thesis Statements. Just as there are two different types of thesis statements (informative and persuasive), there are two basic styles you can use. You may also like personal essay examples & samples How to Structure a Persuasive Essay? There are three main parts of an essay, namely the introduction, the body, and the essay conclusion. 1. Start off with an attention grabber. This should also include the thesis statement of your essay. 2. Next, you would need to present your arguments in.