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Useful White Collar Crime research paper example online. Free research proposal paper sample on White Collar Crime topics. Read also tips how to write good academic research projects. White Collar Crime The essay aims to proffer pertinent issues that detail the foundations and enforcement of white collar mannexssa.gq paper would hereby contain definitions of white-collar crime, the laws that regulate them, and their impact on mannexssa.gq Collar Crime Various studies have acknowledged and attributed the origin and foundation of white collar crime to Edwin H. Sutherland, a Author: Cydney steps/actions have been taken to curb this menace. Therefore the concern of this paper is to define white collar crime, study its historical development and formulate tentative solutions for eradicating the problem. KEYWORDS: white collar crime, judiciary, government, eradication, education.

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White-collar crime is a general term that refers any illegal act committed by a business and government professionals in their occupational roles. There are many different types of white-collar crime, ranging from antitrust offenses to environmental violations to health care frauds.

These types of crime are important because they cause enormous financial, physical, and social harms on individuals, communities, and to society. Because of the special characteristics and techniques that their commited, they pose problems for law enforcement and regulatory agencies that regulate them. Evidence suggests that white-collar crime is pervasive, widespread, and growing. White-collar crime was termed by the American sociologist Edwin H. Sutherland, in the s, white collar crime research paper.

Sutherland argued that respectable people from the upper social classes committed a great deal of harmful criminal acts in their occupations. According to Sutherlandwhite collar crime research paper, upper-class crimes by business and government were ignored by the government and the general public because the perpetrators did not fit the portrayal of a criminal.

He worked to bring light into this subject that had little regulation and control. White-collar crime is able to cause tremendous financial, physical, and social harms. The amount of money lost to white-collar crime is impossible to estimate precisely, but its clear it. White-collar crime can be found in all types of businesses, industries, occupations, and professions. So it comes in a large variety of forms and styles.

All white-collar crimes, however, share certain characteristics and are committed using similar methods, white collar crime research paper.

These characteristics and techniques distinguish white-collar crimes from most forms of traditional street crime. Although typically thought of as a financial crime, certain types of white-collar crime can have physical effects tool. These include violations of workplace safety laws, the manufacture and distribution of unsafe consumer products, and violation of environmental laws and regulations.

Between andover 2, American workers died as a result of violations of safety laws by employers. Its estimated that hundreds of thousands more are injured by such violations. Consumers suffer physically as a result of dangerous products, including most known being toys, food, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment. The exact number of deaths and injuries caused by dangerous or defective products that can be linked to lawbreaking by corporations is impossible to guess.

Regardless criminal cases involving some of the largest and most well-known corporations in the world occur regularly. Like ordinary street crime, white-collar crime also has social or moral costs that extend beyond its affect on one person Many scholars believe that white-collar crime damages the.

White-collar crime is can create distrust and can undermine public confidence in the morality of big business. By disregarding the rules of free and open competition, white collar crime research paper, business organizations that engage in white-collar crime gain unfair advantage over competitors who follow the law. The ability of the market to reduce the costs of goods and services and to improve services and products by competition. This makes white-collar criminal behavior harmful to American economy and the capitalist system.

The moral and social costs of white-collar crime can extend into politics. White-collar crime scholars speculated that publicity about white-collar crimes committed by big businesses can delegitimate the government, especially when it appears that corporations receive special privilege.

In the Presidential Debate, Donald Trump has said the political candidates tend to help big business in return for donationsthough this inference can be made by almost anyone. An example being Mylan company who were able to have lobbyists pass laws in favor of them. Finally, publicity about white-collar crime also may serve as a justification for other sorts of crime and deviance. In many white-collar crimes, the offenders never directly confront or come in contact with their victims. Rather, they are separated from victims.

For example, illegal price fixing occurs when competitors in white collar crime research paper industry get together and collaborate to set a single price, as opposed to having prices determined by free and open competition in the marketplace. The victims of price fixing is often the general public, who have to pay more for products and. The victims are never contacted directly by the perpetrators.

One of the most troublesome aspect of white-collar crime its ability to appear legitimate. When a burglar breaks into a home, white collar crime research paper, or an auto thief steals a vehicle, or any of the other traditional street crimes occurs, the crime is obvious.

In the case of the majority of white-collar crimes the offenders actions are not obviously illegal. For example, a common form of health care fraud engaged in by physicians is billing insurance providers for services that were not given to patients. To commit the crime, the physician submits a form to the insurance provider, often federal Medicare or Medicaid program, in white collar crime research paper they claim to have administered white collar crime research paper service to a patient that in reality was never provided.

If the fake claim isnt detected and the physician is paid by the insurance provider, then the crime of health care fraud has occurred. Since literally millions of forms are submitted legally every day, on the surface nothing is obviously out of the ordinary or untoward about the physicians white collar crime research paper The behavior looks perfectly normal and legitimate so proving evidence against it would prove difficult to prove.

White-Collar Crime raises special problems for its control by the criminal justice system. The most notable problem is its detection. Ordinarily street crimes are detected by their victims, who can then report the incident to the police. However, in white-collar crime, victims may be unaware that they have been victimized. So no crime may ever be reported to the police because customers or investors are unaware that the business is committing a crime such as Wells White collar crime research paper and their ghost accounts.

Because discovery is hard, it is difficult to estimate the size of the white-collar crime problem and how to control it.

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Useful White Collar Crime research paper example online. Free research proposal paper sample on White Collar Crime topics. Read also tips how to write good academic research projects. - White-collar crime is seen as a crime performed by a respectable person of high social status in one’s workplace. White-collar crime is the type of crime, the classification of which is basing on the grounds of offender’s belonging to well-educated middle or upper class being representatives of government or . Evidence suggests that white-collar crime is pervasive, widespread, and growing. This research paper begins with a brief discussion of the history of the concept of white-collar crime in the discipline of criminology. The nature and extent of the harms imposed by white-collar crime are then detailed.